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“… a master class in workflow …”

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ISBNs: (PDF - 978-0-9860192-6-5, ePub: 978-0-9860192-7-2, mobi: 978-0-9860192-8-9)




Organize meaningfully


Build and guide creativity


Develop and fulfill vision


Find flow in play or work


Cultivate confidence in decision and action





orkflow Mastery: Building from the Basics is an advanced textbook ready to reward the diligent reader interested in productivity, creativity, and mastery.

The text dives deep into the individual components of the workflow. While each individual has his or her own unique systems, the basics of the workflow remain. Intention, organization, sessions, practice, mastery, motivation, and more are explored at both a practical and psychological depth. Terminology and definitions work in concert with each other and are presented individually so that you can decide where and how to improve your individual workflow to whatever degree you may wish.

What you will not find is a series of quick fixes or how-to lists. However, you will find an in-depth examination, from basic concepts to an advanced understanding so you can build the secure foundations needed to truly develop meaningful work.

Workflow Mastery is application independent. Though the text is also a companion to Creating Flow with OmniFocus, it is fundamentally a standalone work, ready to help you develop creatively and towards mastery regardless of the tools you may wish to use.



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Enhance and devote the time, material, and attention needed for those things in life that you find meaningful.


Advance and refine your surroundings into strong and elegant systems supporting your paths of creativity.



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  • Organize meaningfully


  • Build and guide creativity


  • Develop and fulfill vision


  • Bring focus to play and work


  • Find and sustain flow


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Praise for the first edition, Workflow: Beyond Productivity …


Michael Schechter
Michael Schechter A Better Mess

It’s rare that logic and beauty can occupy the same space…

… a textbook of self-mastery

A Better Mess – A Balance of Concept and Tactics

Reader Letter to author

… as outstanding as your first work was your second is even better. I am spellbound.

Christopher Robert
Christopher Robert CurveWriting
… renders visible those logically flawed but long invisible assumptions that lead us to create more work or stress for ourselves than is really necessary

Curve Writing – Book Review

David Sparks
David Sparks MacSparky

This book is the real deal.

MacSparky – Mastery in Workflow

Michael Schechter & Vardy
Michael Schechter & Vardy Workflowing

… dives deep into the realm of workflow and indeed goes well beyond productivity, compelling the reader to really spend some time thinking, fostering, and mastering their own workflow.

… a master class in workflow …

… one of those rare works that will truly help you in the quest to stop doing things and start doing the right things.

Workflowing – Book Review

Ben Broeckx
Ben Broeckx Exploring the Black Box

“… the Neil Stephenson of non-fiction”

… he hits you with an idea so clear and so relevant that it blows you out of the water and leaves you on the shore, wondering how it is possible that something so clear and obvious never occurred to you. That, my friends, is genius.

If you are even slightly interested in the dynamics of process and workflow, this is a great place to start.

Exploring the Black Box – Book Review



Dom Goucher
Dom Goucher Preneurcast

… the concepts behind [productivity] … the real meaning of it.

Preneurcast – Conversation with Kourosh Dini

Reader Letter to author

I wish to express my sincerest appreciation for your body of work into helping others maximize productivity. Truly, sir, you have written two books that I would sincerely encourage anyone I know, particularly our fellow mac users, to buy and utilize to their fullest.

Dragan Ruzic
Dragan Ruzic Mac's Acoustics

Creating Flow With Omni Focus and Workflow: Beyond Productivity … helped me tremendously to move forward much faster in my productivity.

… a wonderful writing style, his meanings always bringing even deeper thoughts than what they first seem to want to say to the reader.

Dragan Ruzic – Linked In Recommendation

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                  about kourosh dini

K ourosh Dini, MD is a psychiatrist, author, and musician.

His credentials as a psychiatrist who has furthered his studies in psychotherapy and psychoanalytic therapy as well as his years of musicianship allow him to be a very unique voice in the productivity and mastery community. He has spoken at The Omni Group’s Setup event at Macworld 2013, Illinois Child and Adolescent Psychiatry meetings, and Groupon, amongst other corporate and small company settings. He has trained in both adult and child psychiatry at the University of Illinois and University of Chicago, respectively. He is also Board Certified in Psychiatry and a member of the American Psychoanalytic Association.

Creating Flow with OmniFocus: Mastery Productivity is a celebrated, critic and reader-acclaimed eBook about using one of the most powerful productivity applications on the market today, OmniFocus. Guiding the reader from basic workflows through the most advanced, Creating Flow provides a means by which a person can have their most meaningful tasks sit side by side the routines of the day. A reader learns to avoid the “fires” of day-to-day task management by never having them in the first place.

Video Game Play and Addiction: A Guide for Parents presents a broad understanding of both the potential positives and the problematic possibilities of video game play. It has won Mom’s Choice and National Parenting Publications awards.








Praise for Creating Flow with OmniFocus



CFWO cover
Federico Viticci editor


Praise for Video Game Play and Addiction: A Guide for Parents



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