The Moment

on Apr 7, 2015

Each moment has a beginning, middle, and end.

Each moment is both singular and infinite.

Each moment is best treated with care. 

It is the only time it will be experienced. 

The Act of Patience

on Jan 8, 2015

Beyond virtue, patience is a skill:

Patience is the skill to allow and accommodate for a process to develop at its own pace.

Patience is not waiting for something. Patience is a type of organizing that respects the development of the environment and the self. Waiting is only one component, an action of inaction, in that constellation.

We reflect upon some intention, acknowledge its needs of material, mentation, and time, and begin to accommodate for them. Each component in turn is provided its nutrients until some vision unfolds.

Intentions of Mastery

on Apr 25, 2014

Any intention may be one of mastery.

It simply must be deemed as much.

The rest are details of habit.

Considering an Intention

on Apr 17, 2014

Without a clear intention,

it can be easy to become lost in small organizational tasks.

It is useful then to periodically pause,

and ask of ourselves,


“What is my intention?”

Strength in a Pause

on Jan 17, 2014

It is useful to pause,
Regularly and frequently,
When beginning a session of work,
Or when finding our way towards the end,

When unclear or confused,
When distracted by the inside or out,

Or when it would simply be nice to pause.

The “Considered” Task

on Jan 15, 2014

A post on using the word “Consider” to maintain trust of our systems.

On Mastery

on Nov 1, 2013

Mastery is a practice of play.

Practice is an act of organizing over time.


Mastery is, therefore, a process of organizing play over time.

Power in Acknowledgement

on Sep 21, 2013

When we can acknowledge

That what we do now is meaningful,

We bring strength and attention to our work.